Sugar Sammy

Sugar Sammy is the biggest Quebec stand-up comedian on the English comedy scene right now. He presented over 1000 shows in 30 countries and has visited some of the largest cities in the world. In May 2013, he became the first English comedian to post wins at Quebec’s prestigious Olivier comedy awards. He won the Olivier for Best Show (En français svp!) and the Olivier for Comedian of the Year . To date, he has sold over 190 000 tickets for his Tour of Quebec.

Sugar Sammy is an interesting and charismatic provocateur. He covers themes such as multiculturalism and modern life in the world's great urban centres with charm and finesse. He treats controversial subjects with respect while representing an entire generation. Sugar Sammy embraces and lives his life surrounded by different cultures and he invites the members of his audience not to fear globalization. His view is of the very international Quebec of tomorrow.

In addition to Canada and the United States, his shows have been presented in England, Australia, Germany, Ireland, Holland, Hong Kong, Thailand, the Philippines, China, India, Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar, Egypt, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Lebanon, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, New Zealand and South Africa.

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