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Over 245 000 tickets were sold in both Quebec and Europe during the last year for Messmer who came back with his new show, Intemporel. This time around, Messmer invites the audience to enter his experimental laboratory to live new surprising and entertaining adventures. In a futuristic decor, independent of time, Messmer confounds past, present and future to allow his subjects to travel through time periods, space and the world. Messmer combines technology to his various techniques in order to push the limits of the subconscious. The brain has no secret for Le Fascinateur Messmer! Intemporel calls on spectators, both on stage and in assistance, to take part in his spectacularly funny numbers. Enter his new mysterious and laughter laboratory of wonder where possibilities are infinite! Messmer surprises again to let make you dream with his new show Intemporel…

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