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A rendezvous with history

This summer, Montréal will host a fascinating, one-of-a-kind major international exhibition: the Treasures of Napoléon. Featuring over 350 artworks – many never before seen by the public – the exhibition will present jewels from Pierre-Jean Chalençon’s prestigious collection and over ten pieces from Serge Joyal’s collection.

Among the many masterpieces in the exhibition are paintings and drawings by Gérard, Prud’hon, Gros, David and Percier et Fontaine, and life-like creations by the period’s renowned sculptors Houdon, Canova and Chaudet. Exceptionally crafted personal items from the imperial family and the fine pieces of furniture owned by Napoléon, Murat, Queen Hortense and several generals of the imperial army are also displayed.

The exhibition also features elegantly bound books with distinguished coats-of-arm, documents and clothing from the period, including one of Napoléon’s rare surviving hats, the bed he slept in when he was on campaign and a tea set owned by Napoléon and Joséphine.

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